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    Contact Us

    Add.: No.2 Jinshajiang Road, Xinbei 

    District, Changzhou, Jiangsu

    Tel.: 0519-85126720 85126721
    Fax: 0519-85126723
    E-mail: liujifeng@meisonics.com 

    Zip: 213022


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    CHANG ZHOU MEISONICS ULTRASONIC CO., LTD. located in Changzhou, Jiangsu, which belongs to the Yangtze Delta with beautiful scenery and convenient traffic. Meisonics was established in Nov. 2006, which is specialized in design & manufacture welding machines for thermoplastic materials. With the principle of “seek truth from facts, dare to pioneer and innovate”, Meisonics is ready to provide advanced and high quality machine for customers. 


    Our main products include ultrasonic welding machine, ultrasonic cutting machine, hot plate welding machine, heat riveting welding machinepunching-welding machine, and so on. With the ultrasonic technology & production technique imported from Europe, scientific modern management, we make the production in strict accordance with the quality standards of European similar products. Ultrasonic generator, convertor and raw materials of horn are provided by European company; in 2013 we implemented OEM production of ultrasonic system, and sell back to Europe.


    To provide high quality products and after-sales service is our persisting pursue!

    Creative design and elaborate manufacture is a guarantee for Meisonics’ continuous enhancement!